Maybe you’re looking for something different than your average house or apartment, or perhaps you just want to be close to the water but not too far away from land. To get the best of both worlds, Houseboats and floating houses might be the way to go. Houseboats and floating houses give you life by the water. But with the feeling of an actual house and not just a cramped boat. On top of the excellent views, they’re usually more affordable than traditional houses making them particularly attractive to home buyers.


There are floating homes and then there is floating house architecture. Hence, the kind of modern homes that wow you on the water, long before you get in the front door. Therefore, these floating home interiors are spectacular. But, we’re extra impressed with the exterior designs.


Lots of modern styles and great talent behind these works of art. Hence, when you think of floating architecture. Thus, the image that comes to mind is usually more nautical and boat-like. Or at least rustic.


These are fully fleshed-out modern house designs. Therefore, only designed to float on the water. Tied up to docks, or anchored in some cases. Hence, they tend not to be part of the floating village communities but stand-alone homes.


Although living on the water seems to be unusual. Hence, we have to face reality. And understand that floating houses are a future alternative to the problem of flooding. Therefore, for anyone who loves the sun and surf. Hence. these houses are the perfect combination of modern living and beachside paradise. And we’ve rounded up the coolest examples. Also, with awesome roof decks, spiral staircases, huge expanses of windows and high-end interiors. Thus, living on the water definitely does not mean “roughing it.”.

Set apart, perhaps, to showcase their architectural splendor. Hence, it’s a different lifestyle for sure – but these homes below prove. Hence, you don’t have to give up architectural sophistication in order to make your home on the river or sea.


When working with the inherent limitations of a house on the water. Also, there are many thoughtfully designed interiors that help maintain buoyancy, waterproofing measures. And innovative construction methods are a must. Hence, in the cases below, the results are beautiful. Also, modern homes that offer a taste of the aquatic lifestyle.

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