A mudroom acts as a transition between the outdoors and the indoors. Thus, mainly functioning as a hold for things that would clutter up the house. Also, these include footwear, wet clothes, and sports gear.


Mudrooms have been around for several decades now but have become increasingly popular as American homes have become bigger. So much so that they have transitioned from their initial entryway design into dedicated storage rooms.


When it comes to packing in lots of functions, very few spaces beat a mudroom. But many homeowners don’t have a dedicated space for a mudroom. Or they may think they have the too-little square footage to create a useful go-to spot for their families.


Just a few clever design ideas and some maxed-out storage can help you carve out a super-functional small mudroom. Here’s what to consider.

Benefits of a Mudroom


While modern mudrooms boast of great aesthetics, their purpose is still very much functional. If you are considering whether investing in a mudroom is worth it, consider its many benefits.

  • Provides extra storage space: “Storage, storage, storage” is the mantra for a neat and sane home. You can never have too much of it. A mudroom expands your current storage area, providing extra space to keep your things. Not only is it extra storage space. But it is also a convenient one too. Instead of opening closets and shelves inside the house to place things in, you simply hang them on low hooks or place them on an open shelf even before you enter the house. This is especially handy when you have kids who might be too lazy to go open a closet and hang a coat.
  • Better organization and neatness: Without all that stuff coming into the main living area, your home looks neater and more organized. You no longer have to go on a breathless rush to collect things lying around when a guest suddenly shows up. With the improved organization, it becomes easier to find things quickly without wasting time checking under the couches and behind furniture.
  • Less maintenance: It can be tiring to have to clean the house every time people and pets come in, dragging dirt with them. A mudroom provides a place for people to take off dirty shoes and even pets can get a wash before they come into the house.


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