When it comes to designing a bedroom, there’s nothing like opting for a neutral shade, like gray, to create a serene atmosphere. From gray furniture to gray paint, here’s how top designers chose to incorporate varying shades of this tried-and-true neutral into their bedroom design schemes.


The color of the moment, grey is everything you want it to be in almost any living space. Therefore, compatible with living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Hence, it’s only natural that its powers would work beautifully in a bedroom.


These ideas of grey bedrooms show the stretch of grey across a range of themes and color solutions. Thus, often paired with brighter reds, oranges or purples. Also, its muted hues complement and contrast over a variety of design solutions.


Whether for a couple, bachelor or bachelorette. Also, each of these designs delivers to their desired end – pampering, relaxation, or a good night’s sleep – with grey as their hero.

Tranquil Grey


For the master bedroom in a Chicago home, interior designer Elizabeth Krueger chose a subtle grey silk wallpaper and custom metal barn doors with brass screwhead accents. To finish the design, Krueger selected a light grey upholstered headboard and deep grey bedding.

Laidback Loft


This very simple, stripped back loft renovation bedroom couldn’t get much barer, but this is massive to the advantage of the room. Making the bed and the windows the focal point of the room, you don’t notice that there’s very little furniture present. A smooth, curved looking bed makes the whole room look a lot more relaxing, adding to the vibe.

Invite A Cosy Feel With Warm Greys


Make a room feel inviting with a warm grey that mixes well with other neutrals for a comfortable layered look. Tints of yellow can give these deeper greys a greenish hue, which touches of red can make them look brown through to purplish in some lights. Add pops of black, khaki or olive to green-tinted hues, or nude beige. With red warmed tones, try lilac or rose. Warmer greys can be used anywhere you want to create a cozy, enveloping feel – perfect for a north-facing room that needs the chill taking out of it.

Select The Right Shade Of Grey


Picking a grey for your walls is rather like choosing white paint – there are far more to sift through than you might ever imagine. To get the best look for your space, try out plenty of samples on your walls and see how they work in different lights before committing. This soft grey sits beautifully with luxe cream furnishings and comforting textiles, creating a harmonious scheme.

Welcoming Grey


An Alex Papachristidis-designed Manhattan apartment features a master bedroom with walls sheathed in grey Rubelli cotton velvet. The bed is upholstered in a Holly Hunt silk and dressed in Schweitzer linens. The stainless steel chair (right) is by Maria Pergay, and the Philippe Hiquily chair purchased at Sotheby’s has cushions in a Fortuny fabric. The curtains are of a Holland & Sherry silk satin, the carpet is by Beauvais, and the sculpture is by Rebecca Warren. The painting to the left of the bed is by Richard Prince.

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