Day: June 25, 2019

8+ Ideas To Make Your Bathroom “Full-On Jungle”

We fill our bedrooms and living rooms with plants, so why not bring some leafy accessories into your bathroom? Not only will plants in the bathroom add a little style to your space, but they can also help purify the air and help relieve stress and anxiety. Before you decide which type of plant works […]

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7+ Affordable Ideas To Personalize Your Rental Apartment

Interior design enthusiasts know well just how far the power of a thoughtfully-styled and artfully-arranged home can take us—it motivates, stimulates and inspires us each and every day, as well as showcases our unique personality to anyone we invite over. But if you’re like so many who are living in a rented house or apartment, […]

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5+ Reasons Why Rugs Is Good For Your Apartment

Most of the time, apartments don’t come carpeted, which means many people who move into an apartment consider buying rugs for their floors. If you’re trying to decide whether to buy a rug or two for your place, it’s easy to think it’s a simple matter of decor. Add Comfort to Your Feet If you’re […]

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