7+ Under $100 Ideas To Updates Your Living Room

The living room of a home often serves as a multi-purpose space. From entertaining guests to family movie night, the living room does it all. DIY design projects work to transform a living room, updating its look without breaking a budget. Consider these budget-friendly living room updates that can be done for less than $100.

New Throw Pillows

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One of the easiest ways to update a living room is to swap out the throw pillows. Throw pillows are a great way to add trendy looks without a long-term commitment. With solid color furniture, mix-and-match patterns and textures with single-color pillows in contrasting hues. Look for a range of sizes to create a cozy pillow arrangement on a sofa and don’t forget to include a couple of large pillows ideal for kids’ floor seating.

Paint Interior Window Trim

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Painting the trim of interior windows can freshen the look of a living room without spending a lot money. Painted, existing trim becomes scratched, discolored, and the paint flakes over time. A new coat of paint instantly revives it and delivers an easy update to the living room. Depending on the room’s decor, consider painting the trim in an accent color instead of white.

When factoring the budget, include the cost for the materials beyond the paint: sandpaper, primer, painter’s tape.

Swap Out Lampshades

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Ditch the dingy shades that came with the lamp. Look for new lampshades that fit the budget and update the room. Play around with color, different shapes, and even patterned shades to create the perfect accent. Want to get even more budget friendly? There are plenty of ways you can DIY your plain old lampshade to give it new life!

Create a Statement Wall

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On average, the cost of painting the entire living room will exceed $100. According to HomeAdvisor, hiring painters for a 10′ x 12′ room ranges from $380 to $790. This amount typically does not include the cost of paint or additional areas like ceilings and trim. When doing it yourself, costs average from $200 to $300. A budget-friendly solution is the statement wall.

Stylish Storage Containers

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Decluttering can make a big difference for a living room, often making space feel bigger. Use stylish containers to hold items like extra throw blankets, magazines, kids’ and pets’ toys, and items like game controllers or remotes. Baskets and canvas cubes work great—lightweight, budget-friendly, and available in a range of colors, materials, and styles to complement existing decor.

Add Floating Shelves

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Floating wall-mount shelves take up less floor space, often creating a feeling of more room. This style of shelving is designed with hidden hardware to give the appearance of “floating” that’s sleek and elegant. A three-foot-long floating shelf can cost about $35 or less. If you don’t have all the tools for a DIY shelf installation, consider hiring a handyman for the project.

Add Color or Text to Built-Ins or Bookshelves

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Paint the interior back panels of the living room built-ins or bookshelves to add a pop of color to the room. Or, in a small space with no shelving, try a colorful cart, like the IKEA raskog cart, as a makeshift bookcase. This is an easy DIY project that can be done on a weekend. It’s a chance to incorporate a trendy color for a low price.

Refresh the Mantle

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The fireplace mantle often is a focal point in the living room. A new coat of paint refreshes it nicely as does change its decor items. Flameless candles are an option that’s both aesthetically pleasing as well as safer than traditional candles. Create an arrangement of three or five in varying heights. Add decorative branches in a vase and complete the new decor with framed photo.

Simple Lighting Changes

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Lighting helps create a mood in a room. The living room needs task lighting as well as ambient lighting. A distinctive floor lamp can provide task lighting for reading, while a flush-mounted ceiling light or end table lamp offers ambient lighting.

Personalize With Photo Art

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Forget expensive artwork and personalize the living room with a collection of framed photos. Pick at least three photos that establish a theme and create 11” x 14” black-and-white prints. Frame each in the same classic black or white frame (or mix it up for added interest!). Hang the three at the same level horizontally for a symmetrical look, or vary the heights to create a cool gallery wall.

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