8+ Decorating Your Living Room With Green Ideas

Green is one of the easiest colors to decorate with. Why? Because despite the fact that it lives on the color wheel, green can act as a neutral. Try pairing various shades of green with just about any other color, and you’ll find the combination can work beautifully. Green is also a relaxing color that is associated with nature and wellness, meaning that green rooms tend to make us feel good. With all these positive qualities, it’s no wonder there are so many examples of beautiful green living rooms.

Crisp Color Palette

(Source: gacekdesign)

A green and white color scheme can bring freshness and light to an open concept condominium living room like this one designed by Gacek Design Group. The key to achieving a crisp and urban look like this one is to keep the palette very simple and avoid accenting it with colorful accessories.

Mossy Neutral

(Source: highgatebuilders)

A moss green living room like this one should certainly dispel any lingering doubts about green not being a neutral color. The cream color of the chairs, the gray of the sectional, and the moss-colored walls are all the same tone and blend almost as one.

Formally Fresh

(Source: modtra)

A great way to choose a wall color is by pulling a color out of a rug or piece of art. In this formal living room by Modern Traditions Interior Design the wall color was chosen from a green that appears in the oriental rug on the floor. Large windows flood the room with light making the whole space appear fresh and bright.

Mix and Match

(Source: brucepalmerllc)

When you can’t decide which shade of green is your favorite, use them all! Given that so many shades of green live together in nature, there’s no reason why they can’t live in a living room. In fact, green is one of the few colors that can be mixed and matched over and over again in the same room and still be calming and pleasing to the eye.

Classic Elegance

(Source: coastphoto)

Green doesn’t always have to turn heads. For a classic look combine soft green walls with white trim and traditional furniture and accessories. Gold accents add a little bit of luxury and up the elegance factor.

Jewel of a Color

(Source: larryhanna)

Jewel tones are known for being lavish and intense, and deep emerald is no exception. It’s a striking color that always turns heads, particularly when used in abundance like in this living room vignette.

Intimate Olive

(Source: begrandfastdesign)

Add drama to a large room with a warm shade of olive green. This particular shade is inherently cozy, making this large living room designed by Begrand Fast Design feel cozy and intimate.

Fun Feature

(Source: bordeninteriors)

Painting a single wall a vibrant shade of green allows for some fun without a major commitment. While a whole room done in this bright shade might be overwhelming, a feature wall accented with a green rug and garden stool adds fun and excitement without overpowering the space.

Nature Inspired

(Source: smithandvansant)

When decorating with green, it’s often a good idea to look to nature for inspiration. In this lake house living room the bright green walls are accented with warm wood architectural elements and a stone mantel. Hey, if it’s good enough for the outdoors, it should be good enough for the indoors!

A Hint of Mint

(Source: amberth)

There’s no easier way to liven up a room than with a sprinkle of mint green. It’s light, bright, cheerful, and undeniably fresh. Whenever possible use mint green in rooms that have a lot of natural light. The light will reflect the mint, making it extra bright.

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