8+ Ideas Decorating Your Home With Baskets

Hang Air Plants

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Hanging plant baskets aren’t a new thing, but we love this modern wire basket for displaying an air plant. Because air plants don’t need soil or much watering, they’re the perfect choice for an exposed basket display. Line up a few small plants like this one from BLDG 25 in a row over a desk or sink for an instant refresh.

Storage You Won’t Want to Hide

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There are endless weaves and materials to choose from, which makes it easy to match them to your personal style. Using a wicker basket to store throws is a common practice, but have you thought about using one to store wood for your fireplace, like in this stunning living space as seen on Minzuu? Another unexpected idea: Try storing coffee table books or photo albums next to your sofa instead of on your coffee table.

Utilize Wasted Space

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The awkward space above your cabinets is often left to gather dust and nothing more. Put it to work by adding a few storage baskets for things you rarely need. Because this space often gets greasy from stove use, we recommend a wire or fabric basket you can easily clean. If you don’t want to climb to get your kitchen items, A Beautiful Mess shows how you can make this extra space a little less awkward by displaying vintage bottles or cans in baskets.

Hang Baskets as Works of Art

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Who says baskets have to be used for storage? If you want to incorporate a more global decor style into your home, traditional African baskets make for a great gallery wall above a sofa or in an entryway. This eye-catching design from Instagrammer vtwonen requires a well-curated wall of baskets, but you can mimic the design by adding your own personal touch.

Add Some Flair

(Source: iheartorganizing)

Already have a few baskets lying around? Blogger I Heart Organizing added some bright pom poms to make even a simple basket look like a statement piece. More ideas: Weave in faux flowers, paint a neon handle, or clip on a fun brooch to spice up an old basket and make it more display-worthy.

Plant a Tree

(Source: thepicketfenceprojects)

If you want to bring the outside in, what better way than planting a tree in your living room? Blogger The Picket Fence Projects used a thick woven wicker basket to house a gorgeous fig tree. Baskets are lighter than standard planters, making it easier to move very large plants like this one around as necessary. Just make sure to plant the tree in a plastic planter first to catch the water.

Hunt for Vintage Baskets

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For another take on using baskets as art, this farmhouse look from simplyshannahome’s drool-worthy Instagram is a stunning way to display a gorgeous vintage basket. Troll your local flea market or thrift store and you’re bound to run into a few hidden gems like these. Because they’re often too fragile and delicate to use as storage, display them on a shelf over a dining table or a kitchen breakfast bar instead.

Keep Your Counters Clean

(Source: hisugarplum)

Organizing your kitchen counter is a task no one wants to do, but we all feel much better once it’s taken care of. This enviable kitchen styled by Cassie of Hi Sugarplum uses a low, wide basket to keep all of those random spices and oils in order without hiding them from view. This shallow basket also works well in a coffee table to organize candles, pens and other useful but cluttery knickknacks.

Provide Storage in the Guest Room

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No guest room linen closet? No problem. Make your guest feel right at home by displaying extra pillows and blankets in an attractive basket as seen in this cute display from Millas Hem. Towels, guest slippers or even a robe will go far to remind your guests just how happy you are that they came to visit.

Clean up Your Entryway

(Source: abeautifulmess)

Your entryway is the first thing guests see when they walk into your home, so make it count. A well-organized entryway can be a challenging thing to achieve, but this basket idea from A Beautiful Mess is a great way to keep umbrellas, gloves, tote bags, and other necessities out of sight but at your disposal.

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