8+ Ideas How To Incorporated Accent Wall To Living Room

Whether light and bright, or dark and dramatic, an accent wall is a great way to have a little fun with color and/or pattern. So if you’re looking for extra pop in your living room, consider an accent wall to liven things up.

Geometric Living Room Accent Wall

(Source: jennifergarnerinteriors)

An accent wall doesn’t have to stand out and make a big show of itself in order to make an impact. In this living room from Refined Interiors, a geometric wallpaper is a perfect compliment to the warm leather sofa and mid-century modern buffet.

Orange Living Room Accent Wall

(Source: houzz)

A bright orange accent wall is a great way to add a burst of energy to a living room. It’s fresh, fun, and full of life. Keep in mind though that because they are so stimulating, electric colors like the orange in this room courtesy of Nest Seekers, are best suited to living areas, and not sleeping areas.

Playful Wallpaper Accent Wall

(Source: fotograflisbet)

A colorful, patterned accent wall is a playful addition to this youthful living room. While the pattern is a bit intense, the teak mid-century shelving unit placed in front helps to temper the effect and help it blend into the rest of the space.

Tone-on-Tone Living Room Accent Wall

(Source: burnhamdesign)

People tend to think that an accent wall must be a different color than the others in a room, but as this living room accent wall from Burnham Design demonstrates, a tone-on-tone pattern can be just as impactful. Here the applied molding is painted the same color as the wall and creates a dynamic, textural effect.

Bright Yellow Living Room Accent Wall

(Source: snookphotograph)

Using primary colors together in the same room is a great way to create some energy. In the case of this living room, courtesy of Chris Snook, the accent wall color is bright yellow – the perfect complement to a navy blue sofa.

Minimalist Living Room Accent Wall

(Source: foreignbearstudio)

Add interest to a white, minimalist room with an accent wall in a deep color. In this living room by Foreign Bear Studio the chalky blue adds depth to the pretty, but moderate space.

Built-in Shelving as a Living Room Accent Wall

(Source: vanessafaivre)

For maximum impact, consider painting an accent wall and all the shelving attached to it the same color. In this room from Vanessa Faivre, all of the shelves and storage boxes were painted the same intense shade of teal as the wall, creating a striking, three-dimensional effect.

Horizontal Stripe Living Room Accent Wall

(Source: bethbourquedesign)

Horizontal stripes are a great way to make a room look wider than it really is. If painting the entire room feels like a bit too much, an accent wall is a great alternative. To keep it from looking too choppy, consider two different shades of the same color, like in this living room from Beth Bourque Design Studio.

Chalkboard Paint Living Room Accent Wall

(Source: dmarchitects)

An accent wall doesn’t have to be just decorative. In fact, it can be very practical. In this room from David Moriarty & Associates, a bump-out wall was covered in chalkboard paint in order to create a message center. This type of wipeable paint is great for offices, mudrooms, and kid’s rooms.

Optical Illusion Living Room Accent Wall

(Source: wrightbuildingcompany)

Make a narrow room appear longer with a feature wall at one end. In this attic playroom by Wright Building Company, the end wall was painted royal blue, which makes the wall look further away than it really is.

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