8+ Ideas Perfect Place To Hang Your Mirror

If you hang a mirror in a room, you’ll be adding a basic accessory and necessity. Whether it’s a hallway or grand ballroom, baby’s room or bathroom, the addition of a mirror adds beauty to space and makes it feel more open or spacious.


Wherever you intend to hang a mirror, be sure the view is something worthy of reflection. A mirror opposite a window will reflect a lovely outdoor setting and give the illusion of a second window.


An interesting architectural feature can be reflected and give balance to a room. A mirror can be strictly functional or the focal point in a room. Whichever it is, it will provide light, beauty, illusion, and convenience to your home.

In a Long Hallway

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A dark, narrow hallway can appear more spacious with a strategically-placed mirror that will help to reflect what little light there is.

Over a Buffet

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A mirror over a buffet or server in the dining room is a nice touch. If you’re entertaining, the mirror will reflect the lovely array of food you have displayed. Be sure the mirror doesn’t show the dirty dishes in the kitchen!

On a Table

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If you enjoy using candles and the beautiful glow they provide, use a mirror as a tray and stand the candles on the mirror. This will create the effect of doubling the number of candles and the light they send out. The only thing that won’t be amplified is the lovely scent that so many candles now have.

Over a Fireplace

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A dramatic mirror installed over a fireplace will add warmth to a room. It will help reflect the activities in the room. Or hang a mirror on either side of a fireplace to help the room feel bigger.

Near the Front Door

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It’s a wonderful idea to have a nice mirror mounted somewhere near your front door. Even better if there’s a nice table or small chest beneath it. You’ll be able to do a last-minute check on your hair and touch up your lipstick before going out. The table will provide a place to deposit mail and keys when you come in the house. A lovely arrangement of fresh flowers will look lovely, twice, when reflected in the mirror!

Over a Desk

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If your desk faces the wall, you might consider installing a wall-mounted mirror above it. It will help to make your home office feel larger, you’ll feel comfortable that no one could come up behind you, and you’ll get an idea of what’s going on around you.

Child’s Room

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Children love looking at themselves in a mirror, and a child’s room is the perfect place to hang one. For an infant, carefully suspend a mirror over the crib so the baby can see himself. A mirror on the wall near the baby’s changing table will keep the child occupied while you’re doing the changing. In a toddler’s or older child’s room, be sure to mount a mirror at the child’s eye level. A simple mirror placed in front of a child in a car can give hours of distraction for a long ride.


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A full-length mirror is a must for any bedroom! If you have a wall large enough, hang it there. If you must, you can hang it on the bedroom door, on a closet door, or even inside the closet so it won’t be seen except when you want it to be. This will make getting dressed much more convenient. Be sure you install the mirror with enough room in front to be able to really stand back. It’s hard to see if your slip is hanging down if you’re too close to the mirror.


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The first place you think of a mirror is in a bathroom. Sure, it often gets clouded when you get out of the shower, but you could not live without it—and shouldn’t have to. Over the sink is the most popular place. Shaving and applying makeup are much easier with a good sized mirror mounted in a frame or directly to the wall. Try installing one with a magnifying side hanging from the wall, and you’ll love it!

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If you have the space, install a wall-hanging mirror with adjustable arm directly across from the mirror on the sink wall. You’ll be able to look at the back of your head without having to juggle a hand-held mirror. If you have a really small bath, you might consider hanging another framed mirror over the bathtub. It can really help to make a small bath look larger.

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