8+ Ideas To Decorate Your Bedeoom With A Wooden Headboard

Although upholstered headboards have been riding high on the decorating charts for some time now, that doesn’t mean that wooden headboards have lost their luster. Wood never goes out of fashion: it’s a classic material that complements any decorating style, has endless versatility, can easily be given a makeover, and lends itself well to DIY projects.

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That’s why you’ll still find so many bedrooms—like this one from The Cross Interior Design—flaunting a wooden beauty at the prime spot at the head of the bed. If you’re wondering how to decorate your own room with a wood headboard, read on.

Traditional Bedroom With Wooden Headboard

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Traditional and gorgeous. That’s the best way to describe this bedroom from Courtney Hill Interiors. The imposing wooden four-poster bed is softened by the heavily-distressed dresser next to it, as well as the cozy bedding and woven-cane-back armchair at the foot of the bed. What a beautiful room.

Cottage Bedroom

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This cottage charmer is decorated with the mix of patterns, colors, and styles so typical of the style. The headboard is a simple design, but made interesting by the woven cane insets. This adorable bedroom was found on decorating site Lonny.

Zen Bedroom With Wooden Headboard

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The Zen-inspired bedroom is serene, simple, open, and airy. Typically, the bed is very low or even on the floor. In this bedroom, the Zen-themed headboard is inspired by Asian architecture.

Wooden Midcentury Modern Bed

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Midcentury modern, the decorating style predominant during the 1950s and 1960s, and currently once again riding high in popularity, calls for simple lines, unadorned wood, and furniture with legs, as shown in this simple yet stunning bedroom.

Parisian Headboard

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Parisian glamour calls for luxurious fabrics, soft and romantic color, touches of shine, and beautifully ornate furniture, like the lovely headboard shown here.

Vintage Shabby Chic Headboard

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Ornately carved and delicately painted, this beautiful headboard is perfect for a shabby chic bedroom. You might have to do a bit of hunting to find a vintage treasure like this one.

Rattan Fan Headboard

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Think rattan went out with the 80s? You might change your mind after taking a look at this fan-shaped stunner. The blush pink bedding adds to the romance. Such a pretty bedroom.

Bright Walls in the Bedroom

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When walls go bold, as in this bedroom found on decorating site Domino, a simple wooden headboard is just right. This bedroom has a tropical feel, which the bed complements without making a fuss or demanding attention. Perfect.

Beach-Themed Wooden Headboard

(Source: studio80id)

Who said a wooden headboard couldn’t have fun? This wave-inspired, turquoisey-green bed shows off a sense of whimsy, and looks great while doing it. The bright pillows continue the beachy feel. The bedroom is from Studio80 Interior Design.

Intricately Designed Wooden Headboard

(Source: burnhamdesign)

This bed is a traditional design, but the matte black paint gives it a contemporary edge. Add in the touches of bold color and pattern throughout the space, and you have this gorgeous bedroom from Burnham Design.

Painted Wooden Headboard

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Wood can be painted, of course, to any color you’d like. In this traditional vintage styled room from Urban Grace Interiors, the soft green is just enough of a statement to hold its own without demanding too much attention. So pretty.

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