8+ Ideas To Make Your Bathroom “Full-On Jungle”

We fill our bedrooms and living rooms with plants, so why not bring some leafy accessories into your bathroom? Not only will plants in the bathroom add a little style to your space, but they can also help purify the air and help relieve stress and anxiety. Before you decide which type of plant works best in your bathroom, assess the available light and average temperature.

This bathroom from kunis_lovely_vintage_home is not for the timid plant parent. If you’re looking to add loads of personality and transform your bathroom without a full renovation, filling every nook and cranny with plants can be a great way to update your space.

But adding greenery to your bathroom doesn’t have to mean huge, leafy plants (it most certainly can though!). Here are 16 more amazing greenery-filled bathrooms.

Fill a Shelf With Plants

(Source: studiomelissalouise)

If you’re low on a vanity or floor space, consider installing a floating bathroom shelf to show off a few houseplants. This shelf space from studiomelissalouise is the perfect ledge for a few winding succulents. Mix in some canisters filled with other bathroom products, and your plant shelf will blend right in.

Sprinkle in Some Greenery

(Source: papernstitchblog)

If you’re worried about keeping your plants alive, consider a succulent—like this one from Paper & Stitch’s gorgeous bathroom. Succulents are hard to kill and look fabulous on vanities or behind toilets.

Upgrade Your Shower

(Source: fresh.lavender.style)

What’s better than low maintenance plants? Low maintenance plants that basically water themselves. This industrial piping shower shelf from fresh.lavender.style is the perfect showcase for your bathroom plants and gives you something to look at while you’re waiting for that deep conditioner to do its job. If you don’t want to install shelves, try placing a few potted plants on the corners of your tub.

A Large Plant Display

(Source: jayhayjay)

If you want to give your plants front-and-center attention, consider a hanging shelf, as seen in this bathroom from jayhayjay. Not only does this wire shelf allow for plants to receive the most light, but it also creates a fun focal point for the bathroom. When it comes to bathroom plants, think outside the box—shelves, tables or even ladders can be great vessels for your favorite greenery.

Fill Awkward Floor Space

(Source: binneyandsims)

If you have a larger bathroom that never feels quite finished, a large floor plant can be a great addition. As seen in this modern bathroom from binneyandsims, a large potted plant not only creates a focal point for your room but also helps you fill unused space in a fresh, modern way.

The Perfect Bath

(Source: kaileyanne)

This dreamy scene from kaileyanne____ looks like the perfect way to end a stressful week. Placing small potted plants around your bath not only looks beautiful but can also help you de-stress and relax during your “me” time.

Install a Pegboard

(Source: plantzzahut)

There are so many ways to use a pegboard around the house, but this plant pegboard from plantzzahut is one of our favorites. This project can be DIY-ed in an afternoon. Simply cut a pegboard to your desired size and hang potted plants from baskets. Or, as seen in this bathroom, grab a few air plants and you won’t need pots at all.

Look to the Ceiling

(Source: aliceshouseonthecorner)

This updated bathroom from aliceshouseonthecorner uses both standing and hanging plants to create a jungle-like feel. If you’re short on floor or shelf space, hanging a few plant baskets from the ceiling is a great way to add a little bit of greenery without sacrificing precious real estate.

Add a Pop of Color

(Source: abeautifulmess)

We adore this bold bathroom from A Beautiful Mess. Not only does it just feel happy, but the eucalyptus paired with the bright pink rose to give it a lively feel, too. Fresh flowers can be a great way to add a shot of color and style to your bathroom, especially when you’re expecting guests.

Match Your Paint to Your Plants

(Source: smallstuffcounts)

Though the plants in this bathroom from Small Stuff Counts are subtle, they are the perfect match with the stunning hunter green paint. Consider houseplants that work well with your decor. For example, if your bathroom is uber modern, a spider plant or aloe vera could work well with straight lines and minimalist accents.

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