8+ Ideas You Can Steal From Designer Home With A Flair Of Vintage Style

A Designer Retreat

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Interior designer Megan Pflug loves to experiment with design concepts. The founder of One Kings Lane’s Weekend Decorator column, Pflug has an eye for style, and a desire to try out new ideas. The Brooklyn-based designer, who has a background in art, is on a mission to show people that style is all about creativity. And we can see her creative spirit shine in her own interior, a 1901 row home in Brooklyn that Pflug and her husband have been renovating for the past three years.

A Study In Contrast

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When asked what one of her favorite elements of her home is, Pflug answers, “It’s probably my entryway. It’s a space that I pass through every day and it totally sets the tone for the whole house.” For Pflug, every room in her home is an exercise in creativity, and she brings DIY style and panache to each project. “I made all of the lighting in the space and that was super fun! I created some painted floor cloths to cover the unfortunate Band-Aid colored floor tiles in the space. Down the road I will replace them, but for now the floor cloths have proven to be a durable and totally unique solution.”

Modern Memories

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Between the black-and-white wall treatment, there are also unexpected pops of color. Mounted sketches with yellow borders are the perfect piece of eye candy in the hallway, creating a colorful gallery wall at the entry of the home.

Picture Perfect Display

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In the entryway of her home, this designer has shown that having fun with the design process can pay off big time. One of her favorite elements in the entrance of her home – the black and white contrast on the walls. “I really like the half black and white paint treatment,” remarks Pflug. “It’s a good example of traditional meets modern. The paint colors are very traditional but I extended the chair rail across the door [and it] gives the space a fun modern edge.”

Bedside Table Styling

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“I love history and traditional design but I’m also really interested in giving rooms a modern voice.” That love of blending the modern and traditional shows in small vignettes like this one. Vintage pieces like a red side table, and black-and-white lamp, look great when combined with modern sculptural elements.

Fabric On The Wall

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Throughout her home, it’s clear that Megan has a love for the creative process. “I like combining old and new pieces, playing with light and dark colors,” says Pflug. “In my own home, I don’t really have an end goal in mind. It’s more about testing out ideas and playing around with a design and figuring out how to make it all work together.” In the bedroom, Megan has tested new ideas, including upholstering her wall in beautiful watercolor fabric.

Kitchen Styling

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The gray color is extended into the home’s kitchen, that features some special pieces. “We found an amazing 1890’s southern pine breakfront down south and hauled it back up to New York City to use in our kitchen a few years ago.” The tin ceiling adds to the eclectic mix in the space.

The Green Door

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The door to the home office makes an unexpected statement. Pflug used leather upholstery and brass nail heads to create a beautiful entry into her office. Beyond the door, gray walls are a nice, soothing neutral, that allow bright shades like the yellow and red in the carpet to really shine.

Outdoor Decorating

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And while the inside of this home is absolutely beautiful, it may be the garden that takes our breath away. A luxury for city living, Pflug has designed an outdoor living area that’s inviting, cozy, and proof that this designer also has a green thumb.

Colorblocked Open Shelving

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In the kitchen, open shelves have been painted in the same beautiful gray as the walls, creating a monochrome effect. For contrast, a brass dowel becomes the perfect fixture for hanging mugs and kitchen utensils.

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