8+ Lovely Ideas Living Rooms With Focal Point

What is a living room focal point? It is the “thing” your eyes land when entering a space. Think fireplace, window, artwork, or wallpaper. Hence, typically, a focal point faces the main entrance for your living room. Another good to know, while an area’s focal point usually dictates furniture placement, your seating arrangement does not have to face it. Also, some spaces have more than one focal point. Confused? No worries! The following 10 examples share beautiful ways to create or optimize a focal point in your living room.

How to Create a Focal Point Around a Weird Wall

(Source: havenly)

Decorating around a living room wall with an awkwardly placed bump out can be challenging. The décor experts at Havenly, an online interior design service, share a solution for the tricky dilemma. A large mirror centered off the sofa creates a striking focal point on the room’s largest wall. A stylish grouping of gold objects, a floor lamp, bar car, and the metal starburst set on the far right wall provides asymmetrical balance.

This Living Room Has Three Focal Points

(Source: ajennison)

Your room may already have several focal points that you can accentuate with a plant or two and decorative shelving. Case in point, this living room in a Brooklyn townhouse decorated by Alison Jennison Interiors. The spot has three gorgeous focal points. Rustic wood ceiling beams make the room feel bigger by drawing the eyes upward. The home’s original antique, stone mantel and brick firebox provides an anchor for the furniture placement. The exposed brick walls are a robust architectural detail that adds warmth to the modern space.

Grouping Furniture Around a Window Focal Point

(Source: scheer)

Furniture is typically grouped around a focal point as shown in this living room by Sheer and Company, a high-end interior design firm based in Austin, Texas. The window is the room’s primary anchor. The gallery wall over the sofa and the corner shelving unit also add visual interest.

Create a Focal Point Using Wallpaper

(Source: alvhem)

Bold wallpaper can add focus to a room that lacks it. In this example spotted on the Swedish site Alvhem Makleri, a dramatic peonies wallpaper topped off with a large round mirror creates a dramatic focal point in a cookie cutter apartment. On the left is the room’s second focal point. Framing the doorway leading to the small bedroom is a stylish gallery wall.

Paint a Wall Black and Create an Eye-Catching Gallery Wall

(Source: philipgorrivan)

Sometimes, all a room needs is an eye-catching gallery wall that serves as a focal point. The trick is mounting the artwork on a wall that is visible from the living room’s main entrance as shown in this lovely Connecticut home by the New York City situated interior design firm, Philip Gorrivan. We appreciate how eyes cannot help but be drawn to the artwork thanks to the jet the black wall.

Dramatic Red Brick Wall

(Source: blackandmilk)

In this open plan urban apartment by Black and Milk, an interior design firm out of London, the red brick wall on the right is the living room’s focal point. Painting the brick wall on the left white is what makes the red bricks stand out. The gold sofa and cityscape print helps to draw the eyes to the stylish sitting area.

Potted Tree Makes a Beautiful Focal Point

(Source: lynnkleonidas)

A sizable potted tree or a collection of smaller plants makes an attractive focal point as shown in this living room by California based interior designer, Lynn Kleonidas. There is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect plants for your home — lighting tops the list. The potted tree shown here is flouring because of the south-facing window.

Make a Plain Window Feel More Dramatic

(Source: alisongieseinteriors)

When you enter this living room by boutique interior design firm Alison Giese Interiors out of Northern Virginia, the large window grabs your attention. So it made perfect sense to decorate the area around the focal point. Two different seats, a leather lounger, and leopard chair carve out a spot to sit. A large white African Juju hat hangs from the wall. A potted tree adds a pop of greenery.

Perk up a Focal Point With Unique Features

(Source: thenewdesignproject)

The first thing you see when waltzing in this small living room is the window. To give the focal point some extra appeal, the creatives at the The New Designer Project based in Brooklyn created a Mondrian inspired display using thin wood strips painted black. For a pop of additional interest, they also built in a small shelf for decorative accents.

How to Turn an Empty Corner into a Stylish Focal Point

(Source: abeautifulmess)

Turn a naked corner into an eye-catching focal point with this idea by the Elsie and Emma, the stylish bloggers behind A Beautiful Mess. Floor to ceiling artwork sets the stage for a small home bar.

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