8+ Top Colorful Plus Modern Kitchen Backsplashes

Like a Fresh Sea Breeze

(Source: Mercurymosaics)

Can’t get enough of the beach? Then your inner merperson will love fish scale tiles. They’re the latest tile trend popping in photos of stylish bathrooms and kitchens across the interweb. Fish scale tiles in beautiful ocean hues were used to create this backsplash. We think it adds a lovely briny tang to an otherwise, plain-Jane kitchen.

Stylish Masterpiece

(Source: Aha-interiors)

Brooklyn resident Anne Sanger transformed her small, sad kitchen into a drool-worthy cooking space that makes her inner chef jubilant. The pièce de résistance is the showstopping backsplash. She pounded the pavement for ages to find the perfect tile to create it. In fact, she designed her entire kitchen around the Ming blue tile designed by Walker Zanger.

Pac Man Backsplash

(Source: BrownHouseDesign)

Are you a retro video gaming fan? Then you’ll appreciate this one of a kind backsplash created by Brown House Design. It was made using builder grade ceramic tiles. You can buy them at most home improvement stores in a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes including square, round, and hexagon.

Bold Patterns Are the New Classics

(Source: AcademyTiles)

Bold patterns aren’t just for the brave and trendy. Nine different tile designs were used to create this traditional, white kitchen’s timeless backsplash.

Minty Fresh Kitchen

(Source: Notedesignstudio)

Backsplashes are one of those functional features you can have fun personalizing. Interior designer Daniel Heckscher created a minty-fresh one that plays with color, texture, and pattern. The dark green grout gives the glossy, square backsplash a graphic look.

Kitschy Colors

(Source: Modwalls)

Colorful tiny tiles from Modwalls will brighten up a dull kitchen stat. This kitschy pattern is from their Brio Collection which includes a broad selection of teensy glass mosaic tiles in stunning shades and textures.

Subway Tile Gets Fresh

(Source: MissionStoneandTile)

Sure, subway tile backsplashes aren’t a brand-new thing. But if you think they’re old hat, take a good look at this eye-popping design that makes the most of the popular tile. These days, you’ll find subway tile in a broad range of styles, colors, and patterns that you can combine in a gazillion different ways to create original layouts.

Go Bold in Your Home

(Source: BarkerFreemanDesignOffice)

Yep, white kitchens are timeless classics, but they can leave you begging for a splash of bold color. A patterned backsplash like this one will quench that craving. It’s the frosting on the cake that makes the entire kitchen feel special. Even better, it was created using inexpensive tile.

Pretty Penny for Your Thoughts

(Source: MissionTile)

Penny round tiles have taken a back seat to their hexagon shaped counterparts for more than a century. However, just like their six-sided cousin, these days the coin-shaped tile is popping up in fresh and unique ways in both vintage-inspired and contemporary kitchens. This colorful backsplash incorporates nine different shades of penny round tile.

Retro Modern Tile

(Source: NerlandBuildingandRestoration)

Looking for a wow-worthy backsplash idea? This colorful three tone kitchen was already more than just lovely. However, the whimsical backsplash is what makes this cooking space super spectacular. It was created using Atomic Tiles from Heritage Tiles.

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