8+ Ways To Make Your Room Have A ‘Disco Time’ Vibe With Disco Ball

Disco balls have been a staple of dance clubs since all the way back to the 1920s, long before the bellbottomed days of the 1970s. And now, they’re having a resurgence once again, and this time around, they’ve rolled right out of the nightclubs and into people’s living rooms.

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As one of the most unexpected recent décor trends, designers and homeowners have been focusing less on using them to create flashy, maximalist spaces, and more on weaving them into décor that’s modern, fresh and even neutral in some cases. They add just a little pop, a little zing, to corners, tables, and vases, communicating a fun and “We don’t take things too seriously,” vibe.

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When they’re not using them to add an exclamation point to space, people are bringing them into their DIY projects as well, especially around the holidays. Or they’re incorporating a bit more shimmer and shine into their spaces as the new year approaches. Or they are literally using them for disco-themed parties. Any way you look at it, it’s just good sense to have a disco ball on hand at all times.

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Here, you’ll learn how to transform a room from it just needs something, to, “That’s it!” and get inspired by these surprisingly-chic disco ball décor ideas.

Use Mini Disco Balls as Glittering Bowl Filler

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Sure, pine cones, seashells, and jute balls are great bowl fillers, but if you’re looking to kick it up a notch, fill a bowl, basket or vase with several small disco balls. In this space, they play well with the shabby-chic surroundings, and they surely make guests smile.

Make it the Center of Attention in an Understated Room

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Here, a hanging disco ball steals the spotlight in a room brimming with muted hues. It’s certainly an unanticipated addition to such a space, but that’s why it works. It doesn’t compete with anything else. Try hanging a disco ball in a room at home that’s quietly elegant, but not above impromptu dance parties.

Rest a Disco Ball Under a Table

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Occasionally, displaying a disco ball requires a “go big or go home” philosophy, and this is definitely the case here. A giant disco ball sits underneath a Lucite table, making it the star of the show. Disco balls can add the perfect, playful touch to areas underneath console tables, coffee tables or even nightstands.

Add a Flash of Fun to Your Home Office

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Gone are the days of home offices featuring lackluster desk chairs and subdued décor. Nowadays, home offices are injected with plenty of personalities, and these two disco balls resting on a desk are proof of this. They bring metallic interest into space, plus they serve as reminders to not work too hard.

Display One Next to Your Potted Plants

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It’s always interesting to place organic objects alongside items that…aren’t so organic, like a disco ball. The varying textures, rich hues, and lightheartedness make for a whimsical indoor garden.

Hang Tiny Disco Balls from a Chandelier

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To make a chandelier look anything-but-stuffy, hang some mirrored, miniature disco balls on it like in this image from Aunt Peaches. The best time to find these disco balls, which are typically ornaments, is during the holidays. But they work year-round to create a festive feel.

Show-Off a Disco Ball on Top of a Stack of Books or Magazines

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Sometimes, a stack of books or magazines just needs a little something, and the answer could be just a disco ball away. Here, it acts as a metallic stand-out among soft colors.

Casually Place Your Disco Ball in a Chair

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It’s so easy, and yet, you would never think to do it—lean a disco ball against the arm of a chair, as shown by House of Hipsters. Bonus points if the chair is otherwise formal or fancy, creating a fanciful juxtaposition.

Hang a Disco Ball Next to a Window for a Glimmering Effect

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Lastly, there might not be a prettier place to showcase a disco ball than in a window. That way, when the sun beams through the glass, it’ll hit the disco ball, creating a sea of sparkles in a room. And it doesn’t get much more magical than that.



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